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Let’s Jam (Google Jamboard for Math)

Google Jamboard provides both the student and the teacher with a connection that is lost during distance learning. Jamboard allows students to write directly on the slide with their finger, trackpad, and even a stylus. Early on in the distance learning process, I was frustrated that I was not able to see the work that my students were doing in math...all I saw was answers. Jamboard has solved all that; now students show their work and how they arrived at their answer. If a mistake was made, I can leave notes right at the source of the problem to allow them to make changes.

One of the nice things about Jamboard is that you can work with your students in real-time during a Zoom call. They can see what changes or comments you are making and you can see the work they are doing.

Stay Techie,

Michael Munoz

6th Grade Teacher

Virginia Parks Elementary

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