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Let Me Re-Introduce You to Our Old Friend, Flip (Formerly FlipGrid)

Has it been a while since you have used FlipGrid in your classroom or did you even perhaps forget about its existence like I did? Well let me reintroduce you!

FlipGrid has been rebranded as Flip, with some of the same great features of the original FlipGrid but with some added bonus features to allow for students to be even more creative with the videos they make. This year, I used Flip for a project with my students where students were tasked with choosing a scientist that they can relate to and researching more information about that scientist and some possible career pathways. Then, they had to create a video to share with their peers. Here is an example of a finished product from a student:

Students were asked to view at least three of their peers' submissions and comment about something new they learned and also something they had a question about.

Key features:

Students have lots of options in video creation. They can:

  • Create “slides”

  • Add music to the background

  • Record their face

  • Record their voice

Flip has features that allow for adding pictures, emojis, text, gifs, etc. to a video. Students can also comment on each other’s videos.

There is an option for pre-approval where the teacher can change the settings to allow for the teacher to preview videos before other students can view each others videos.

Aly Goulding

Science Teacher

Central Valley High School

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