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Lesson Accountability?! FINALLY!

Let’s be honest: other than the technical difficulties, our biggest struggle in distance teaching has been accountability. I know we don’t have the same persuasion through a screen as we do in our own classrooms, but there are a couple tools that we have learned to love during this process and - when combined - create the superhero we didn’t know existed.

The two tools I know many of us have grown to utilize and rely heavily on are Screencastify and EdPuzzle. Screencastify is an extension that enables its user to record lessons, screen share, annotate, and edit. It has made asynchronous (that funky word everyone had to look up but means “not live, using technology”) teaching much more doable. EdPuzzle is a site that can edit videos. Not only can you monitor how much of a video is watched, but you can force-pause the video and insert questions along the way. Both tools have proven to be extremely helpful and vital during this distance teaching time.

Now… combine them! After you use Screencastify to record your lesson, you can actually upload that video to EdPuzzle. WHAT?! You heard me! Talk about a game changer! Sure, EdPuzzle has a plethora of videos already created, but it is YOUR voice and YOUR style of teaching. Not only that, but they are YOUR questions. You can assess your students based on what is essential.

Using this combination is so important because 1) it is you modeling YOUR thought process, 2) you are teaching with your own intention and objective, and 3) the students are hearing your voice and or seeing your face (if you choose to embed the camera). Reason #3 is important for student investment, relationships, and trust. Students are seeing you put in the work (although don’t we wish they knew all the behind-the-scenes?!).

Follow the steps to get started:

  1. Record your Screencastify video

  2. Look at the “Share” dropdown menu on the right. Select “EdPuzzle”

    1. If EdPuzzle is NOT there, select “More Options” then “+ Add more share options”

    2. Select the toggle next to “EdPuzzle”

  3. Once it is uploaded to EdPuzzle, edit away!

Here is an example of a Screencastify video in an EdPuzzle:

Stay Techie,

Alyssa Long

6th Grade Teacher, Westport Elementary

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