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Leave a Note - Sweet, Nice, Silly, or Wise

What a fun way to make meaning out of Post-it Notes!

Feedback and checklists are important for student learning and helps give them motivation and support to move forward in their learning. It is crucial to let students know how they are doing or what corrections they may need to make to move forward on a learning target. It is also helpful to give them reminders, checklists, or references to steps in completing a learning target to support them in being successful with these tasks.

Not sure how you can use all those sticky notes? Not sure how you can be creative using these sticky notes to give feedback, references or charts to support your student’s learning? It’s all good!!

Did you know that you can personalize all those sticky notes you have?

I have always seen how you can use printed labels for classroom things or organization. Create fun looking, meaningful feedback, reference charts or checklists using sticky notes the same way you print labels!

You can now personalize your colorful sticky notes. You can have a creative look to your feedback, reference charts or checklists during your day.

Ideas to use them in the classroom:

  • Feedback or reminders for work or behavior

  • Checklist for writing or to do lists

  • Reference charts for steps of how to do something or just reference charts

Here are the steps you can follow to get started with using a template:

Print Guide Paper

  1. Click a link for a template and click make a copy

  2. Click File Print

  3. Click the field under pages and enter 1-1

  4. Attach Sticky Notes to Guide Paper

1. Attach one note into the center of each box.

2. Make sure that the sticky side is at the top and will go into the printer first.

(Attaching notes sideways or upside down will cause a printer jam)

Here is a video you can reference:

For templates and additional ideas information, please check out this blog post: Print Custom Sticky Notes with Google Slides by @tonyvincent.

Stay Techie,

Niki Gastelum

1st grade

Walter White

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Scott Tennell
Scott Tennell
May 27, 2021

Thanks, Nikki!

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