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Learning Together With Our “Seesaw Channel”

Are you looking for a way to document and share student learning? Seesaw is an online portfolio where students can showcase their work.

My students are always so excited to use it especially since many are aspiring vloggers. Allowing students to record videos has allowed me to informally assess many math, reading, speaking/listening standards, and reinforce student learning. With Seesaw, students also have a personalized platform to be creative, evaluate and provide feedback for each other. This learning journal provides a platform where concepts can be applied, practiced, and mastered. It also helps build student-teacher relationships and create meaningful conversations to open the gate of learning.

I’m always surprised by the vlog personalities that arise through Seesaw videos. Plus, there’s so much more than just videos. With Seesaw, students can create by typing notes, drawing pictures, taking photographs, highlighting text and voice recording over pictures to be able to explain their learning. In addition, Seesaw also has a huge K-12 activity library were teachers can pull from and assign to students.

Seesaw is amazing because it helps parents get an insight to what students are learning at school but most importantly see the way they think and process information. Enjoy the a few samples above of how we learn together with our “Seesaw Channel!”

Stay Techie,

Maribel Garcia

1st Grade Teacher, Lucas Elementary

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