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Keep Everything in One Place with Outlook Board View!

*compatible only with web-based Outlook

Struggling to stay organized? Feeling scattered? Overwhelmed with a lot on your plate? Try Microsoft Outlook Board View; it's easy, convenient, and user-friendly!

Add calendars, tasks, notes, goals, and much more to your board to help you stay on top of things and focused on student learning!

Microsoft Outlook Boards-- convenience in one click of a button.

Be creative, make it personal, and use it to be purposeful.

Some ideas on how you might incorporate this into classroom instruction:

  • Add current files you are currently working on or access frequently

  • Link teacher/student resources needed for whole group/small group instruction

  • Have quick access to shared student files to monitor learning progress

  • Save content you want to share/push out to students at a later time

Already using Board View? Work toward efficiency by saving time with Shortcut Keys!

Here are some resources to help you get started!

Stay Techie,

Laura Young

Math Intervention Teacher

Walter White Elementary

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