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Kami’s Newest Super Power: Grade with Kami

Kami's Newest Super Power: Grade with Kami

Many of you may experience a love – hate relationship with one of our most useful apps, Kami. You love how easy it is to assign PDFs and other Google Docs to share with your students, and you probably really love how easy it is for students to annotate on these documents and submit them back to you via Google Classroom. But, when it comes time to grade, your hate for the program rears its ugly head. You need to grade the assignments, but first you must open in a new window. Then you must open the document itself. You grade, and then go back to Google Classroom to enter the score. By the end of the evening, there are SO. MANY. TABS.

Well, you can say goodbye to that “hate part” of your relationship with the newest update in Google Classroom!! Now, you can grade a document annotated by Kami in the SAME WAY as you would grade a typical Google Doc or Slide. What does this mean??? Well, by simply checking a box, you will remain in the Google Classroom grading view, while Kami opens up. This means that you can now say, “Goodbye!!” to dozens of open tabs, and “Hello!!!” to your newfound sanity.

Screenshots of Grade with Kami

The grading component can be used with the PDFs found in Studies Weekly, Benchmark, Go Math, etc. As you have probably done in the past, we upload the various curriculum PDFs into Google Classroom to push them out to students. When students open the PDF to write on them, they frequently have to open Kami to write on the document. In this case, once the student student has submitted their completed assignment, you are able to grade within the program on the PDF related to the curriculum.

All you need to do is click on the option “Grade with Kami” and the document will AUTOMATICALLY convert into the Kami version. Once the document has been converted, you can enter your scores, annotate via Kami and post your comments in Google Classroom. Upon finishing your grading, you can simply uncheck the magical box that allows you to grade via Kami. Poof!! The document then returns to its original view. (Pro tip: you can switch the toggle on and off as you grade for each student.) You have saved hours of your life again, and restored happiness to the fantastical world of grading!!

Stay Techie,

Tamara Mendonca

5th Grade Teacher, Sam Vaughn Elementary

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