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Jazz Up Your Slides with 3D Text Maker!

Here is a great free tool you can use to jazz up your slides - 3D Text Maker! This tool allows you (or your students*) to create custom animated text GIFs. You can choose from a wide variety of fonts including serif, sans-serif, handwritten, outline, decorative, and crazy.

You can also select virtually any color, dimensions, and animation effects. Once you've made your font, color, and animation selections, click the "Make 3D Text!" button. Right-click on your animated GIF and select "Save image as..." in order to download it. (Note: If you get a network error, click "Resume.")


*One Small Caveat: If students use 3D Text Maker, please make sure they do not create accounts or provide any personal information.


Stay Techie,

Kari Copley

Art Teacher

Central Valley High School

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