top of page Tricks and Treats is a great tool to support your instruction in both ELA and Math because you can provide an unlimited number of opportunities for practice on concepts and skills. Below are some tips and tricks to help excel with IXL. (*Please note, the features below are for a paid subscription. You can access practice based on skills or curriculum, but the practice will be limited.)

Alignment with Curriculum:

Did you know that aligns with our curriculum? If you are looking at IXL as a way to support our curriculum, you can do this by pinning the curriculum Skill Plans.

  • Go to the “Learning” tab, then select “Textbooks”.

  • Scroll down to find the textbooks that you need; click on the textbook and then select the grade level so that you can “pin it.”

Differentiated Instruction:

One of the best features of IXL is its ability to differentiate instruction.

  • Go to a grade level and click the star next to the skill or topic so that it is “assigned” to your students

  • Hover over the star and to select individual students

“Stepping into the Arena” for IXL creates an individualized plan for a student based on their skills in ELA and Math based on their responses.

  • Toggle between the two topics by clicking on the little loop arrow in the upper right corner when in the Assessment Arena

  • Students can choose the option, “I don’t know how to do this yet” as needed

**Note, according to, a score of 500 in an area is equivalent to 5th grade.

Print an individualized skill plan (aka Diagnostic Action Plan) once there is enough data.

Easily Share IXL Skills and Videos in Google Classroom with the “Share” button!

Assessments and Evidence of Learning:

IXL allows you to create your own assessments that you can directly share with your team.

  • Click on the “My IXL” tab, click “Quizzes,” and click “Create New Quiz”

  • PRO TIP: Select the skill(s) to work on, and select the question difficulty level

  • Click “Generate New Question” as needed

  • Select the option “Skill Plans” to align your assessment with the district curriculum

Whole Group Checks for Understanding (Group Jam)

Group Jam allows the teacher to start the lesson with a problem type that is then displayed on all students' screens. Teachers can quickly see who answered and if their responses are right or wrong. Students also have access to drawing tools.

You can select as many skills and levels of difficulty as you would like.

  • *PRO TIP: If students do not need guided practice, you can remove them from the Group Jam to work on the lesson content, assignments or individual IXL practice.

Play games for practice!

Students have access to a variety of learning games

  • Click on the “My Learning” tab, then select “Games,” and pick the grade level you want.

Celebrate! IXL does a great job of letting you know that your students are working! Reward them when you get awards emailed to you! With these tricks and treats your class will soon be excelling with IXL!

Stay techie!

Michelle Borges,

6th Grade Teacher

Sam Vaughn

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