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It's a Magical World When You Use!

If you are new to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and all it has to offer teachers, this is the place for you. Not only can MagicSchool help you in creating all of the things you need in your daily teaching, but it's also FREE!!! It takes a few minutes to log in with Google, and then you are on your way to saving time and learning about all of the things MagicSchool can do to assist you.

To get started, log-in using your Google account, set up your account, and away you go. This site offers everything from lesson and unit planning, to a rubric generator, a math story problem generator, an email responder, a YouTube video summarizer, and even teacher jokes.

MagicSchool  Menu Options for Planning
MagicSchool Menu Options for Planning

I have used only two tools thus far, the lesson planner and the teacher jokes. I wanted a lesson plan for 5th grade Math. I typed in 5th grade; 2 digit multiplication and the standard.

MagicSchool took it from there and wrote an entire lesson plan for me. I was impressed to see the generated lesson plan included an objective, guided practice, independent practice, a closing, an extension activity for those students who always finish early and a homework assignment that could be given to help students practice what they did in class. I can still add in components if I wanted to, but to start, it was pretty amazing.

MagicSchool Lesson Plan Creation Example
MagicSchool Lesson Plan Creation

Disclaimer: Currently, this is a teacher tool ONLY and no student information or data should be entered at any time. It is currently in the review process and not approved for student use yet.

Stay Techie,

Tamara Mendonca

Sam Vaughn Elementary

Math Intervention

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