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Increase Online Productivity With This Amazing Google Extension!

The Read and Write for Google Chrome Extension is a great tool to use in the classroom. The Read and Write extension provides students with a number of resources that could improve their reading and writing abilities. Google Docs, Google Slides, websites, and PDFs are all supported by Read and Write.

Here are a few features this tool can offer:

  • Have text read aloud

  • Access speech-to-text typing

  • Access a picture dictionary

  • Translate

  • Make and share reading audio recordings

  • Create a Google Doc from notes or website highlights.

  • Leave Voice Notes

Check out this Screencastify on how to use it!

I really enjoyed using this tool in the classroom. Read & Write for Google Chrome Extension gives my students the tools and resources they need to be successful so they can learn on their own. By using the extension, students can work at their own pace, get personalized help, and tackle challenges more effectively.

Patricia Correia

6th Grade Teacher

Caswell Dual Language Academy

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