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Hour of Code Is Here!

Computer Science Education Week (December 3rd - 7th) is here, and several school sites and teachers will be participating in Hour of Code again this year. What is hour of code? Check out the Hour of Code website and watch the video below to learn more.

Not sure how to get started? Here is a guide educators are using to help: Hour of Code Student Hyperdoc 2018. Most activities should not require for students to login. If students will be logging in please check to make sure the tool is on our CUSD Approved Apps and Web Tools List using it with students.

In addition, to help anyone interested in participating, we will be placing links to several of the most popular Hour of Code activities on Clever (these will be removed from Clever by the end of December).

In past years, several sites have scheduled large-scale events in their cafeterias or multi-purpose rooms. While these events can generate a lot of enthusiasm for coding and computer science, they also have created bandwidth bottlenecks with too many Chromebooks trying to run the programs from the same access point. For this reason, we recommend that students access Hour of Code from different locations, such as their regular classrooms.

If you plan to participate, sign-up here for change to win robots for your classroom!

Please feel free to reach out to your site's EdTech if you have any further questions. Happy coding!

Stay Techie,

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