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Have you “Scene” GoGuardian?

As we are navigating Distance Learning from our classrooms, we are finding ways to manage our classrooms and students virtually. GoGuardian has an amazing feature called Scenes. If you have ever battled monitoring students’ screens and closing tabs you didn’t want open, then this is the tool for you!

GoGuardian has enabled teachers to create Scenes within their classrooms. In the scene, you can block websites, you can select how many tabs students can have open, and you can even select sites to automatically open for students upon an active session. These filters will only last for the length of the session but once you create the scene, you can apply it daily.

I have saved so much time by setting up a scene and making it live for the session. I notice that students are more engaged in the lesson and the task at hand. I spend less time redirecting students and more time teaching. :)

To learn how to set up a scene in GoGuardian, please follow the steps outlined below:


Click on Scenes to create the optimal distance learning dashboard.

Make your scene:


Tab Management:

Click on the "No scene applied" drop down. You will be able to select the scene you created.

Once you select the scene, it will override the student screens and change whatever they have to match your selected options in the scene.

Stay Techie,

Tamara Mendonca

5th Grade Teacher

Sam Vaughn Elementary

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