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Guest Blogger! Danelle Trout, Graphing using Google Docs!

For today's blog post, we have a guest blogger, Danelle Trout, who is a teacher at one of our junior high schools. She will be sharing a new way to get your kids to do line graphing in Google Docs! Check out what she is doing in the classroom!

"If you're like me and want to keep things digital, you need to find creative ways to get your different pieces of assignments done. This feature is not new, but rather a re-thinking on how it can be used. Google Docs has a "Drawing" feature. You can find any blank graph template to suit your needs online and insert it into your document. From there, "edit" your drawing to make it usable to your students (ex. adding labels, descriptions, starting point, etc.). Once your kids are shown how to insert a shape (most likely a dot, if it is a line graph), they will remember how to do it the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time, etc. Instead of trying to find separate tools, make Google Docs work for you!" -Danelle Trout

Do you have an EdTech activity you want to share? Contact your EdTech and to be featured as our guest blogger!

Stay Techie,

Special thanks to Danelle Trout for this great tip!

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