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Google Slides Real-Time Captions

We're excited to announce that real-time captions are now available on Google Slides. Turning on the automatic captions couldn't be simpler. First, make sure your presentation device has a microphone. Then, while your Slides are being displayed in Present mode, simply click on the Captions button, and Presto! Your words will be displayed at the bottom of your presentation screen.

This could be a great help for many of your students--not just the ones who are D/deaf or hearing-impaired. From English learners to students who are easily distracted, automatic captioning can provide another way for students to interact with your lesson.

Currently, the captioning feature only supports English, and it works best when one person is speaking. Also, there currently isn't a way to keep a transcript of the captions (although there are other programs, such as Voice Typing in Google Docs, that may accomplish this goal). As with all live captioning services, there are limitations, and not every word will be transcribed or spelled correctly.

If you decide to give real-time captioning a try, let us know how it works for you. We're always interested in hearing your feedback.

Stay Techie,

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