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Google Classroom Tips!

Updated: Feb 8

Teachers are finding creative ways to use Google Classroom! Here are some tips to help with both organizing content for students and families, and also helping students stay on track and learn more efficiently.

#1 Add Your Zoom Link to Your Header

Are your students having a hard time locating your class Zoom link? If so, this tip might be for you! A group of Ceres High teachers are adding their Zoom link to their Google Classroom header using the "section" in the settings. What a creative way to help students access their Zoom link every day quickly! Check out this video for step by step instructions!

#2 Organize your Google Classroom by Topics

Do your students have a hard time keeping up with your posts in Google Classroom? Do you want to organize your content so it is easy for students and parents to navigate? Topics in Google Classroom can make the difference! In Google Classroom teachers can use "Topics" for "Assignments" and "Materials" to help organize content for students. See the video below to learn how to create topics. Note: since this video has been made, Google has updated Classroom and the Classwork page is now automatically included. Start the video below at 42 seconds.

Resources and links can also be added as “Materials” in Google Classroom. If you have resources for students on one Slide or a Slide Deck, a Bitmoji Classroom, a Google Site, Clever Teacher Pages, a Hpyerdoc, etc., the link to access the resource can be shared in Google Classroom for easy access for students and families.

#3 Use Topics to Create Weekly Agendas with Assignments

You can post assignments for students in Classroom with a "Topic" that includes the Week and Dates (Week 1: August 17th - August 21st, Week #2 August 24th-August 28th).

#4 Share the Classroom "To-Do" Option With Students and Families

There is a feature in Classroom that is sometimes overlooked and can be really helpful to keep students on task: the "To-Do" list. This is similar to the "To Review" feature available to teachers. Students can use their "To-Do" list to see work that has been assigned, missing, and completed. They can see this for all classes in one central location. See the this demo below!

Do you have a tip, trick, or strategy you would like to share about Google Classroom? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

Stay Techie,

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