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GoGuardian for Distance Learning!

GoGuardian is now available for use during distance learning! You can start a session to run on District-issued Chromebooks anytime Monday through Friday, 7 am to 4 pm.

Consider using GoGuardian to:

1. Chat with students by enabling the teacher chat feature! This might be useful while students are completing asynchronous lessons or during office hours. GoGuardian recently updated the chat feature in April! Learn more about the chat feature here.

2. Automatically direct your students to a web page using the open tab command! You can have GoGuardian open Google Classroom every time a session begins. Or, if you have young learners and/or students with special needs, you can help them open tabs quickly and easily. Learn more about the open tab feature here.

3. Monitor online assessments! Use screen view or timeline view to track what students are completing. Learn more about that feature here.

***Sessions that have been configured to use Scenes could disrupt a student’s ability to access resources for another class and therefore should not be used.

Check out some other resources from GoGuardian:

Stay Techie,

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