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Gizmos for Great Engagement

Gizmos is a district-approved tool that many people are not aware of. It is geared toward math and science for grades 3 through 12, but Gizmos is also great to challenge students to utilize and collect data in order to draw conclusions and lead investigations.

Gizmos not only has interactive simulations, but also provides extensive worksheets with keys and vocabulary sheets.

In addition to the physical resources, Gizmos also offers simple assessments built into the simulation modules that can be used as quick CFUs to gauge where students are before or after doing a Gizmo.

Finally, Gizmos even offers a list of simulations that can be used based on your selected curriculum. For example, our junior high schools and high schools utilize STEMScopes. I can search for Gizmo simulations that directly align with STEMScopes without having to make any alterations.

Gizmos is a great tool for getting some real world applications for math and science concepts. It is accessible through Clever and does require a paid subscription, but it is definitely worth it! If you are interested in Gizmos give it a try with their free 30 day trial!

Stay Techie,

Danelle McMillen

Science Teacher

Mae Hensley Junior High

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