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Get Started with Classroom Community & Celebrations on Peardeck!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Hello, everyone! As we near the end of Summer School, I wanted to share some great resources that you can continue to use as a way to celebrate students throughout the year. With a focus on community, diversity, and inclusivity, I invite you to explore Peardeck and The Content Orchard for a library of templates.

Templates include:

  • Learning about Ramadan

  • Celebrating the Lunar New Year

  • Sharing Acts of Kindness

  • Diwali Celebrations

  • Celebrating Dia de los Muertos

  • First Day Icebreakers

  • Feelings Check-In

With flexible templates and easy to adjust to your classroom needs, have fun building classroom community and engaging your students with Peardeck: The Content Orchard!

If you need any additional support with educational tools please feel free to contact your SS EdTech TOSA.


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