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Get Ready for Lock-tober with BreakoutEDU!

As the days get shorter and the leaves start to fall, October can seem like a long month for teachers and students. This is the perfect season to add a creative twist to an upcoming lesson with our new BreakoutEDU kits, which are now available for checkout from your school library!

If you haven't done a Breakout lesson with your class before, this month is the perfect time to get started, especially since the BreakoutEDU people are running a special "Lock-tober" celebration! There are special five-minute puzzles to start each daily lesson, plus design contests with "Spooktacular" prizes.

Breakout lessons are an excellent way to build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills with your students, and they are also a great opportunity to get your students working collaboratively in a fun and competitive environment. On the surface, a Breakout lesson is similar to an escape-room game... but there is much more to the lesson than fun and games! All Ceres teachers have access to the BreakoutEDU digital platform, which has hundreds of curated activities for every grade level. There are also lessons for non-core subjects like the arts, career/technical education, physical education, and the library!

Check out our Ceres BreakoutEDU website for more information to help you get started. Or better yet, book us on Calendly and we'd be happy to visit your classroom and help you kick off your first Breakout lesson!

Stay Techie,

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