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Get Microsoft Office for your Home Computer

Title with Bitmojis of Brian, Emily, & Mariana

If you're a Ceres USD employee with a network email address, you can purchase a single copy of Microsoft Office for your home Windows or macOS computer at a substantial discount. Thanks to the Microsoft HUP (Home Use Program), eligible District employees can purchase the full versions of either Office 2016 or the brand-new Office 2019 for only $14.99.

For more information about the program, visit the Microsoft HUP home page at the following link: Be sure to register using your email address.

You'll need to download the entire program electronically, so we recommend you have a reliable Internet connection. There is also an option to order backup media (usually on a USB thumb drive), which Microsoft will send you for an additional fee. Also, please note that this offer is strictly for the home use of eligible CUSD employees only; you may not purchase the software for other people. Before purchasing, check the system requirements and be sure to select the right version of Office for your device and operating system. You may only purchase a single copy of the software during each school year.

Contact your friendly EdTech Specialist if you have any questions.

Stay Techie,

Bitmojis of Mariana, Brian, & Emily

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