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Genie in a Bottle: The Magic of A.I for Student Accommodations

As a teacher, have you ever felt like you needed a magical, multitasking, super-smart sidekick to help you accommodate assignments for English learners and students in special education? Well, Artificial Intelligence (AI) just might be your genie in a digital bottle, here to grant your educational wishes! AI has gotten a bad rap and lots of teachers are battling the challenges of preventing students from using AI to complete their work.

Eduaide.Ai is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. It is an innovative educational platform that offers various features and tools to assist teachers. As a resource and mild/moderate teacher at Cesar Chavez Junior High, Eduaide.Ai has become my super sidekick. Using Eduaide.Ai I can copy and paste text from any passage or textbook and instantly lower the Lexile level, providing my students with access. Accommodations that used to take hours, such as converting multiple-choice questions to open-ended ones, are now done with a simple copy and paste into Eduaide.Ai. There are options for fill-in-the-blank questions to work on vocabulary, matching questions, true/false, and discussion prompts.

Additionally, teachers can modify assignments by adjusting the complexity, length, or format to provide appropriate challenges and support. For example, they can simplify instructions, offer additional visual aids, or break down tasks into manageable steps.

Eduaide.Ai simplifies the task of accommodating assignments for students with special needs, allowing teachers to create tailored learning experiences effortlessly.

Gone are the days of pulling your hair out trying to implement your students' accommodations; let Eduaide.Ai be your trusted ally in making education inclusive and accessible for all.

Disclaimer: This is a teacher tool ONLY and no student information or data should be entered at any time.

Stay Techie,

Sydnee Merchant

Education Specialist

Cesar Chavez Junior High

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