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Freeze it to Ease it with Google Sheets!

I use Google Sheets for my student calendar. Students can access objectives, closures, links to presentation slides and daily exercises. An issue that I was having was that students would have trouble figuring out what day of the week the date corresponded to as they scrolled down in the Google Sheet.

Example of Google Sheets Without the Freeze Option

The students would have to go to their calendar and match the day of the week to the correct date or I would have to add the day of the week everyday which was a pain. That was until I learned how to use the freeze function in Google Sheets!

Example of Google Sheet with the Freeze Option

By simply clicking on the "View" menu and then selecting "Freeze" you can freeze any row or column in your Google Sheet. See the video below for an example on how this works!

Stay Techie,

Lorna Huerta

Chemistry Teacher Ceres High School

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