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Flipgrid for CFA's

Want a quick and easy way to get authentic evidence of student learning? Try Flipgrid! Flipgrid is an easy online tool that gives every student a voice. With Flipgrid, students have multiple ways to demonstrate learning. That is why this is the perfect tool to use when giving a CFA.

Signing is up easy and once you have signed up all you have to do is create a new discussion. For my class I have a discussion specifically for math. That makes it more organized for me. Once your discussion is created you’ll need to add your topic. Here is where you can ask your students a specific question.

For this topic I chose multiplication, added the title, and in the prompt gave specific instructions. You can stop there or you can link a Google document, upload or record a video, add an image, or even add a GIF. All of these will be linked to Flipgrid where the students can open it; no need to go multiple places to find information. It is all in one place.

After you are done with the title and prompt, you can scroll down to feedback. With Flipgrid you can create a custom rubric. Flipgrid even saves old rubric criteria for reuse. The rubric and the feedback you give are available to the students. This is one of the best features of Flipgrid. The students can rewatch their video and look at their feedback!

Stay Techie,

Kayla Diedrich

4th Grade Teacher

Joel J. Hidahl Elementary

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