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Field Trips Using Google Street View

Hi everyone, this is Antonio with your guest blog post for today.

Many times we find ourselves teaching to our students and they find it hard to visualize far-off destinations that we are covering. As we know visuals are important in any lesson; showing them where events take place or a significant geographical point can be the difference between a student being engaged or not in a lesson.

Google Maps has a great feature called Google Street View. With Google Street View you can take students to see a first-person perspective or tour various locations around the world. There are some very impressive locations to choose from such as national parks, national monuments, museums, and zoos to name a few.

Matt Miller shares some great ideas as well on his website “Ditch That Textbook” ( Many of these locations can be used for educational purposes and others for enrichment activities with the students.

I have personally used these Google Map features during lessons and as an enrichment activity during summer school (

Many students are amazed when they go and see these places in first person and they truly enjoy the experience.

Thank you!

Antonio Garcia

3rd Grade Teacher

Lucas Elementary Dual Language Academy

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