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Feedback with Pear Deck for Distance Learning

Feedback has been so crucial for learning to help students make progress with concepts and skills to help them reach the desired learning target--something that came just a bit easier to do when students were on campus. Once we went virtual, it became even more important to provide feedback for students so that they met success criteria.

Not sure how to leave written feedback without having students’ physical work? Not sure how to find the time to conference with students one-on-one for verbal feedback? No worries!

Did you know that you can use Pear Deck to provide feedback for students?!?

It might have been my own oversight, but I didn’t realize this until I was using Pear Deck more often. Before distance learning, I was familiar with having the Teacher Dashboard open during a lesson to check for understanding, to measure student engagement, and providing that immediate verbal feedback to students when in the classroom. Now, we can still do the same, but we just get to be digitally creative about it!

You can provide feedback in live sessions while Zooming with your students or leave feedback for students through student-paced sessions using Student Paced Mode during asynchronous learning that they can review at a later time.

Steps to Provide Feedback:

  • In the Teacher Dashboard, click on the chat bubble for the student you want to leave feedback for.

  • Type your response in the box and send click "Send Feedback."

  • Focus the feedback on your learning targets and be specific and clear as possible!

  • Students receive feedback and then can reflect on how to improve their answer to reach the desired learning goal-- student investment!

Check out these Resources:

Other things to explore: New Pear Deck Slide Templates!

Stay Techie,

Laura Young

6th Grade Teacher

Walter White Elementary

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