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Fast and Fun Fluency Building

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to incorporate fluency practice into your classroom? Look no further! Just type "Roll a die" in the Google search bar! With the use of virtual dice, students have a fun and simple way to practice math facts independently or with a friend.

The “virtual dice” tool through Google allows you to select a single die or multiple dice. You can choose traditional six-sided dice, four-sided dice, ten-sided dice, twelve-sided dice, etc. Students can practice finding the sum, difference, or product, by clicking on a pair of dice.

As students build their math fact fluency, they can move up to the more challenging dice or add additional dice.

What if a student accidentally clicks the wrong die? Simply click the unwanted die and it will disappear.

** The “total” in the corner shows the sum of the dice. I tell students to ignore the “total” and continue practicing the facts. For the students practicing finding the sum, I would have a friend “roll” the dice on their screen and share out the numbers rolled. This will prevent the student finding the sum from seeing the answer on their own screen.

Stay Techie,

Ashlie Freeberg

Math Intervention Teacher

Carroll Fowler Elementary

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