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Every Picture Tells A Story

Hey everyone! This is Jimmy Ruiz from Lucas Elementary, and here is a blog post for you!

This week I wanted to highlight creating photo journals using Google Docs. Photo journals use images and text to tell a story. Students can use photo journals to tell others about their interests, document an event or experience, and demonstrate an understanding of a topic of study.

"Wait, wouldn't it be easier to just use pen and paper rather than Google Docs?" A paper journal could be lost, misplaced, or ruined. A Google Doc can be accessed from any device, and it is easy to upload images and add text to tell a story.

"But it will take forever to teach the students how to use and create a photo journal." That might be something you are thinking, but there is actually a step by step video series to guide teaching on how to create and set it up! Just present students with the videos and you’re all set. Assign them on Google Classroom and expect wonderful creations from your students to pour in.

Creating a photo journal was so much fun for me; I added pictures from my recent vacation. My students shared the same excitement when they were creating their journals. My first graders used a voice to text feature. Take a look at these first grade examples and just scale it to your grade level.

Stay Techie,

Jimmy Ruiz

1st Grade Teacher, Lucas Elementary

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Maribel Garcia
Maribel Garcia
١٦ ديسمبر ٢٠١٩

Thank you for sharing Jimmy. Can't wait to give it a try!

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