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Enrich Students With Code Combat

Need an amazing enrichment activity for students? Want something for the fast finishers? Check out Code Combat. Code Combat is an online program that introduces students to basic coding skills. You as the teacher are able to invite students to join a classroom that you set up and complete courses.

One course students can complete is computer science. In this course, students control a hero and assign code to get the hero to collect gems and defeat bad guys. As they progress through the levels, the coding becomes more complex, culminating in a battle with three other characters. Difficulty can be changed to allow the program to autocomplete coding commands or you can require students to type the entire code.

Also available is the game development course. In this course, students are responsible to create obstacles for bad guys, control a hero, and set goals for the hero. Again, difficulty can be adjusted as students progress. This is a more difficult part of the program, but still allows for skill development. Video tutorials and hints are available for this course and all the other game courses.

Lastly, is the web development course. Students learn to code basic web pages as well as more complex html code that allows for interaction between a user and a web page. Students learn to adjust text, set headers, add images, and create clickable menu items and objects as they progress through the program.

With the paid version, you as the teacher are able to set the courses and levels based on student interest and progression. This program allows students to explore their technological interests and perhaps plant a bug in them that drives them to pursue coding as a college path as well as a lucrative career.

Thanks for checking this out, happy coding!

Stay Techie,

Josh Houtchens

Science Teacher

Blaker Kinser Junior High

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