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Engaging Learning with Thin Slides EduProtocol

Thin Slides is great for building students' tech skills, fostering whole-class

collaboration, and sharing understanding.

Step 1: Be Simple

Simple, visually appealing presentations with concise prompts or questions. Don't overcrowd your slides with text or fancy graphics. Instead, break up the material into smaller chunks to help students absorb it.

Step 2: Create Engaging Prompts

Create open-ended prompts that encourage critical thinking and student interaction.

3: Present One Slide at a Time

Thin Slides should be shown one slide at a time rather than all at once.

4: Promote Collaborative Learning

Encourage students to share their comments or thoughts with their peers in group conversations, pair-sharing, or think-pair-share.

Step 5: Facilitate Feedback and Reflection

Give students time to reflect after they've talked. To consolidate and link concepts.

By reducing text, creating interesting prompts, and gradually unveiling slides, teachers can use it to activate prior knowledge and check for understanding.

Thin Slides EduProtocol Slides

Thin Slides EduProtocol Canva

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Laura, Craig, Antonio, and Patricia

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