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End the "Infinite" Loop of Missing Flags

Are you tired of seeing this error message?

With our distance learning grading scales in effect across all sites, you may have had to manually enter scores of 0 or 50% when you flag assignments as "Missing" in your Infinite Campus gradebook and dismiss the warning each and every time. But there is a way to avoid this hassle by using Assignment Marks INSTEAD of the Missing Flag if you do the following steps:

1) In your gradebook, expand the “Settings” menu

2) Under Grade Book Setup, click on the “Assignment Marks” option.

3) When the Assignment Marks List opens, click “Add” on the bottom right.

4) In the Assignment Mark Detail menu, type in a name of your choice and click on “Add Row.” When the row appears, type “Missing” as a Score corresponding to:

  • “0.0” % Earned if you are using the 0-4 scale,


  • “50.0” % Earned if you are using the 50-100 scale.

Then click “Save” and “Close” on the bottom right.

5) Now that your Assignment Marks have been created, create or open an assignment. To use your marks you will have to change the Scoring Type from Points to “Marks” and select the name you gave them earlier from the drop down menu.

Once you have it correctly set up, you can type Missing as the score and it will calculate each student’s grade correctly WITHOUT using the Missing Flag and dealing with any warning messages. In the 50-100 example below, notice how the missing quiz for the first student calculates as a 50% in the Quiz category, and for the third student, their completed and missing assignment average out to 75% in the Assignment category.

If you or any administrator run a "Missing Assignments Report" in Infinite Campus, assignments scored using a "missing" mark instead of the Missing Flag will not appear on that report.

Hopefully this tutorial helps make entering grades more efficient for you!

Stay Techie,

Grant McCormick

Math Teacher

Central Valley High School

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Madeline Krisko
Madeline Krisko
16 mar 2021

Great tips! I also made this video to show how make the infinite loop disappear while also using the missing flag!

Me gusta
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