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End-Of-The-Year Google Classroom Clean-Up Tips

As the end of this school year is quickly approaching, you will want to clean up your Google Classrooms! Eric Curts from Control Alt Achieve has shared six steps that may help you clean up your Classroom as you transition from one school year to the next.

Tip #1 - Return all student work

Tip #2 - Un-enroll students from old classes

Tip #3 - Archive old classes

Tip #4 - Remove old class calendars

Tip #5 - Move old class folders in Drive

Tip #6 - Remove old class files from "Shared with me" in Drive

Check out his blog post for details on how to complete these tasks.

Looking ahead, if you're planning to teach a similar class next year, you might consider making a copy of your Classroom. The duplicate Classroom will contain all of your topics, assignments, and draft copies of your announcements, but no students. You can even make a copy of another teacher's Classroom, which may save hours of work for a teacher switching to a new subject or grade level. Check out these instructions from Google for more details.

Stay Techie,

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