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Elevate Your Grading Game: Elementary

Updated: Sep 14

Elevate your grading game with these resources for elementary teachers!

Harness Student Led Conferences

  • Have you considered involving your students during conferences with families? Check out this resource created by Jennie Silveira, our CUSD TOSA!

Use Proficiency Estimate in Infinite Campus

  • Did you know you can use the proficiency estimate feature in Infinite Campus to set up your gradebook for standards based learning? This video will step you through the process. Elevate your grading game by using the titles of proficiency scales as categories! Use this resource to guide you. If you are not piloting ELA proficiency scales yet and would like to setup your categories as the ELA essential standards, find your grade level resource in this Standards as Categories in IC folder. Feel free to check out this folder for additional standards based learning resources!

Leverage the Student Summary Reports in Infinite Campus

  • Check out the end of this video to learn how to generate the Student Summary Report. You will want to select the option to "show assignment detail!" Elevate your grading game by sending these reports home on a regular basis!

  • Did you know you can translate student summary reports to Spanish? This How to Translate Student Summary Reports in IC resource will help you do just that.

Promote the Parent Portal

  • Don't forget to promote the Infinite Campus Parent Portal so the families of your students can check their progress! Elevate your grading game by sending home the Get Connected Ongoing Communication Flyer! They will need to get an activation key from the school office before setting up their account.

Stay Techie,

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