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Electrify Your Classroom With Circuits!

No matter what grade level you teach, you can "power up" the learning in your classroom with design thinking and circuits! Thanks to our District's resources, incorporating circuitry into your classroom has never been easier!

What Is Design Thinking?

Our students are part of a rapidly changing world. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills have never been as important as they are now--and they're only going to get more important as the pace of technology innovation in virtually every career field continues to accelerate!

Design thinking is a series of steps that we can borrow from the world of product design. Students are encouraged to approach a real-world problem by defining it, "ideating" possible solutions, designing and testing a prototype, and finally refining their design as needed. If you give your students opportunities to work through these steps, you will be helping them to deepen their learning, even while they are developing important skills! For more information check out this quick guide to Design Thinking Steps and this short video clip.

Student holding a colorful Circuit Playground Express project
A CVHS student tests a "Hot Potato" prototype that his group assembled using the Circuit Playground Express kit.

Where Do I Start With Circuits?

If you're interested in giving your students hands-on experiences with circuits specifically, here are a few links to teaching resources for our circuitry kits:

What Kits Are Available to Ceres Teachers?

Over the past few years, teachers in Ceres Unified have been fortunate to have access to several student-friendly circuit learning platforms. These kits are easy to obtain, either from teachers in your grade-level teams or from your school library. Check out some of the circuits from these resources:

Stay Techie,

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