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Edpuzzle: Make Any Video Your Lesson

Edpuzzle: Make any video your lesson.

We're excited to announce that all teachers in Ceres USD now have an Edpuzzle Pro Account. With Edpuzzle, you can create and share interactive, self-paced video lessons from YouTube, TED Talks, Khan Academy, or you can even upload your own videos.

When you create an Edpuzzle lesson, you can add custom audio annotations, and multiple-choice or short-answer questions for your students to complete during pause points. Edpuzzle can even handle the grading for you!

Edpuzzle has been steadily growing in popularity across the District. Whether you're designing a self-guided lesson for a sub plan or designing customized intervention and enrichment activities, we think you'll find Edpuzzle reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use. The Google Classroom integration allows you to easily share assignments with your students.

In order to get started, be sure to log into Edpuzzle using your Google account. To insure you have a full Pro Account, follow your site's instructions in this shared Google Drive folder. Each school site has a unique upgrade code, so be sure you open the correct Doc for your campus.

Link to SCOE Edpuzzle Badge Information

Even though Edpuzzle is relatively easy to use, it has a lot of advanced features. If you'd like to learn more, Edpuzzle has an excellent self-paced training page available here. Also, if you start using the program, don't forget to pick up the Edpuzzle badge from the SCOE Badge Project. You never know, you might win a prize in the monthly raffle!

Of course, you can reach out to your friendly EdTech Specialists for more information and support on EdPuzzle. You can book us via our Calendly page. Leave us a comment below if you'd like to share your ideas or experiences with Edpuzzle.

Stay Techie,

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