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Don't Let Your Students Be Google Classroom Zombies!

First, we want to reassure you that no credible zombie sightings have been reported in Ceres... at least, not yet!

However, some of our students have become zombies of a sort. We don't want to frighten you, but you might have some zombie students on your roster right now!

A zombie student is one who remains in your Google Classroom or GoGuardian class list even after they've transferred out of your class. Through no fault of their own, a student might remain active in your accounts, especially now that our Google Domain settings don't allow students to un-enroll themselves from a Classroom. Since students can't remove themselves from Google Classrooms any more, it is very important that teachers do this for them!

While zombie students probably won't be roaming the halls looking for brains, their old Google Classrooms can create plenty of problems, especially if they're continuing to receive reminders about missing assignments. What's even scarier? They might be affected by GoGuardian scenes and restrictions from their previous teachers.

So how can you help prevent your students from becoming zombies? Here are some important reminders for all teachers, regardless of grade level:

  • Whenever a student leaves your class, please unenroll them from your Google Classroom as soon as possible.

  • Also, if you're a GoGuardian user, please double-check that your former student isn't still enrolled in your GoGuardian class.

  • If you notice that one of your students is still on a previous teacher's roster, try to contact that teacher -- or, if you aren't sure how to fix the problem, submit a Tech Help Desk ticket with detailed description of the problem.

  • At the end of the grading term or school year, be sure to archive your Google Classrooms and GoGuardian classes. Always start a new school year with fresh class rosters for both programs!

If you have further questions, please reach out to your site's Tech Rep, and/or your EdTech. We're always happy to help!

Stay Techie,

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