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Don’t Just Grade, ZipGrade!

Are you still using scantrons for multiple choice questions? You can download ZipGrade on your smartphone and it will automatically grade your multiple choice assessments with a quick scan. You will need to first create an account on to get started.

There are pre-made bubble sheets for 20, 50, and 100 question assessments. You can also make a custom bubble sheet to meet your needs. You can grade your assessments in a couple of minutes right from your phone. Additionally, you can view an item analysis for each question. You can see which questions students missed the most, so that you can quickly identify any misconceptions among the students.

You get 100 free scans per month or you can pay for the yearly non-recurring subscription of $6.99 to get unlimited scans. You do not get charged automatically when your subscription expires. You can manually renew it when you need to. Here is a quick “Getting Started Tutorial” you can watch to get started:

Stay Techie,

Maria Figueroa

Math Teacher

Ceres High School

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