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Do You Want To Edit Or Convert A PDF?

Small PDF is a web site that can help you convert, compress, merge, separate, or edit any PDF. Simply go to the website, click on the option that you want, and start editing your pdf.

Have you had a PDF and wanted to convert it into a word document? Well now you can convert it using The image below shows some of the most popular tools. You can even turn an image or photo into a PDF.

What if you have several images, or scans, can you merge them together into one file? Yes, you can merge several PDFs into one document for better storage and organization.

A total of 20 different tools are available on the website. Did I mention that it is free? The only drawback of using the free version is that there is a PDF size limit. As long as your PDF is not several gigabytes then it should all be okay.

Overall this is a great tool for teachers, it is easy and straightforward to use. I hope this tool helps you on your educational adventure!

*Reminder: Do not upload any student data or student work to

Stay Techie,

Jimmy Ruiz

1st Grade Teacher

Lucas Dual Language Academy

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