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Do You Need Help Tracking Student Late Work?

Allowing students to submit late work and revise assignments in order to increase their proficiency levels is a great way to accurately assess a student’s growth…but it can be a logistical nightmare.

Enter the “To Review” feature of Google Classroom! You can easily access this option from your dashboard. Once you click on “To Review”, a list of all the assignments you have posted to all of your Google Classrooms will populate. You can then use the drop-down menu to select which Google Classroom you want to focus on. (Or you can look at them all at once - you do you!)

For each assignment listed, 3 different numbers will be displayed:

  1. The number of assignments that have been “Turned In” and are ready for grading.

  2. The number of assignments that are still “Assigned” and waiting for students to begin working on them.

  3. The number of submissions you have already “Graded”. This makes it very easy to see when new work has been submitted to your Google Classroom! Each time a student submits (or resubmits) an assignment you will see it in the “Turned In” category.

Each of these options is hyperlinked, and clicking on the number will take you to a list of students for that category within that assignment.

There is also a 3 dot to the right of each assignment. Here you can find an option to “Mark assignment as Reviewed”. CAUTION! If you choose to mark assignments as reviewed, they will be removed from your “To Review” view and placed in a second view called “Reviewed”. You can still see these assignments at any time, but you will need to access them in the “Reviewed” view.

In order to make the most of this feature, I use Google Classroom as a hub for all of my assignments, whether they are completed through the Google Suite or not. All assignments are posted to Google Classroom, and my students understand that they must “submit” their assignments through Google Classroom in order to notify me that the work is ready for grading on the alternate platform.

“To Review” has made tracking student late work much easier! No more need for students to email me when they submit late assignments, no need for an alternate “Late Work” Google Form. For me, Google Classroom has become a one-stop grading shop. I hope the “To Review” tool is as useful for you as it is for me!.

Happy New Year!

Tracey Clark

Science Teacher

Ceres High School

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Lorna Huerta
Lorna Huerta
24 de fev. de 2022

Tracey this is great! Thanks.

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