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Do you need a resource to assist your students with academic needs?

In the world SBAC and Common Core, we as teachers are faced with the struggles of finding the right resource for determining: prior knowledge, reteaching, mastery and/or intervention especially if your students have a specific area of need for example, Reading &/or Math.

Today, I am going to briefly introduce you to IXL. IXL is a membership internet computer program that assists students with closing the achievement gap and the results you are needing to see your student(s) to excel. If do not want to pay for a membership, students can complete 10 problems per day for free!

This program is great to support students independent practice or determine if the student needs intervention. Furthermore, IXL will track your student(s) academic development, so that you can use anecdotal evidence for parent conferences, Student Study Teams, or Individual Education Plans.

The Real-Time Diagnostic Tool is able to assess standards from K through 12th grade, in which adjust your instruction in addition to tackling those trouble topics and/or standards that your students need to close the achievement gap.

Feel to give it a try!!! IXL will allow you a FREE 30 trial.

Stay Techie,

Paul Bosch

Special Education Teacher, Central Valley High School

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