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Digital Number Talk

The purpose of this “Which doesn't belong?” number talk is to allow students to use speaking and listening skills, use math vocabulary, justifying reasoning, problem solve, and identify attributes and numbers. At the end I created a Flipgrid where students used their voice to provide more ideas!

First, I share my screen using Zoom and we do a fluency fitness warm up where the kiddos (and me!) get some exposure to our addition fluency standard and some PE at the same time! This allows me to wait for kiddos who might be struggling to log in on time while still exposing kids to math. Fluency Fitness Google Slides has addition math equations. Once they pop up, we shout out the sums as soon as we figure them out. In between every 3-4 equations, it has an exercise that we do to keep us moving! It takes about 3 minutes.

I also share my screen using Zoom to project the "Which doesn't belong?" Google Slides where I present a graphic of four objects.

Just as you can see in the video, I start by posing the question “Which one doesn't belong?” and ask my students to take some time to think. I support this by muting all of them and we show our number talk thinking gestures when we know our answer and reasoning. After think time, I'll re-pose the question and ask my friends “Which one doesn't belong? And Why?” I will un-mute one student at a time to share their answer and reasoning. I try to listen to 3-4 students. Students can express they agree with our gesture while being muted. Towards the end, I ask students “Is there anything the same about all these objects?

In closing, I tell students I created a Flipgrid of a new set of objects (if I have a large group of students and was unable to hear from most of them, I will re-post the same graphic so they all get a chance to share!) and I allow them to share their voice on which doesn't belong from these objects. Check out this Which One Does Not Belong Website teachers can use to spark ideas for which one doesn't belong activities for different grade levels / standards.

I always record my Zoom sessions to use as a formative assessment. My students have been loving these and I love that it brings in math vocabulary and gives me a ton of data. Enjoy!

Stay Techie,

Kristin Brooks

1st Grade Teacher

Adkison Elementary

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Jolleen De Clercq
Jolleen De Clercq
01 de jun. de 2020

This is great Kristin! I just had my son at home talk about a couple of these with me and he loved it! Thanks for sharing!

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