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Digging Into IM: Resources + Desmos!

Welcome to the world of Illustrative Mathematics!

There is a wonderful Facebook group called "Illustrative Mathematics K-5 Educators" that has shared LOTS of resources like these curriculum maps for EVERY UNIT in Kindergarten through 5th grade:

There are lots of tools linked for each lesson including Desmos student tasks for most grades! What are Desmos student tasks? They are similar to a Peardeck lesson for the student workbook/practice problems AND Cool Downs and great for student engagement/accountability! Also, they are already created for you! Check out this video to learn more:

Teach 6-8 grade? Checkout this resource from the "Open Up Math Grade 6 by Illustrative Mathematics" Facebook group:

Stay Techie,

Kelly Linhares

CUSD Instructional Coach

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