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Designated ELD with the help of ChatGPT!

I have been using ChatGPT to help support my students during our designated ELD block using Studies Weekly! ChatGPT has provided me with an array of teaching approaches to engage my diverse group of students. Whether it is through listening and speaking activities, reading and writing assignments, or interactive presentations, ChatGPT has helped me to diversify my ELD lessons to cater to individual student needs.

Here are the steps I followed when using ChatGPT:

First, I typed in exactly what I wanted created.

Then, I copied and pasted the text from the Studies Weekly article that the class was working on.

While my students worked collaboratively with their teams on an activity geared towards the text, I was able to pull back my ELs for designated ELD. ChatGPT created three days of lesson plans for me with each lesson being 40 minutes. The first day focused on Speaking and Listening. The second day focused on reading and writing. The last day consisted of vocabulary expansion and a quick presentation on using markers and poster paper, although students could also utilize their Chromebooks.

I have also used another AI tool called Almanac to create visuals along with the vocabulary word and its definition.

Here are the steps I took to create visuals:

First, I had ChatGPT identify some vocabulary words from the article and define them. Then, I copied and pasted those vocabulary words into Almanac’s flash card generator.

Then, I added images to my flashcards.

I was able to export the flashcards as a PDF to easily print them!

Stay Techie,

Kristina Fliflet

Fourth Grade

Sinclear Elementary

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