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Cybersecurity First: It Starts With You!

When we think of technology, we naturally think of efficiency, productivity, and collaboration apps and tools that make our lives easier than ever before. While all of these things are great, many of us forget to consider the vulnerabilities the use of technology inherently opens us up to. Every device we use and each app we download to make our lives easier comes with risks of their own. This is not to say that we should not use our devices or leverage technology to its full potential. What is needed is a refocusing of our lenses on technology in respect to cybersecurity:

Some of the potential cybersecurity risks associated with the use of technology are:

  • Phishing: Use of malicious Emails to extract sensitive data from users.

  • Malware/Ransomware: Malicious code designed to exploit vulnerabilities on various forms of technology, causing harm to data or systems.

  • Identity Theft: The act of stealing personal information to falsely act and make transactions as another person.

While no risk can be completely mitigated, the following can be used to help prevent becoming a victim of cybersecurity vulnerabilities:

  • Use and maintain anti-Virus on your devices.

  • Educate your household on safe technology device usage practices.

  • Double check email attachments - Make sure you know what the attachment is and who it is from before opening.

  • Trust your instincts - If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

When we think of technology now, let’s think about how we can keep ourselves and our data safe above all else.

Stay Techie,

Zach Nyquist

Technology Specialist III

Information Technology Services

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