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Cybersecurity Careers

As the number of cyber threats increases along with the costs of cybercrime, the need for cybersecurity professionals has also increased. Currently, in the United States, there are nearly 500,000 unfilled cybersecurity positions, and globally, the shortage of cybersecurity professionals is estimated to be 3 million. Do your students know that careers in cybersecurity exist? If you have students that like technology, problem-solving, analysis, and attention to detail, they should consider careers in cybersecurity as they plan their future.

Cybersecurity is a dynamic field full of learning and developing new skills. Cybersecurity is also a career pathway that pays well with the top 5 positions paying an average salary of $93,000. Cybersecurity positions leverage skills in math, English Language Arts, science, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Cybersecurity has something for everyone. Consider this career pathway as you learn about your student's interests and their goals for their future.

Did you know that University of the Pacific in Stockton offers a Bachelor's degree specifically in cybersecurity and California State University Stanislaus has a minor in cybersecurity?

Don't forget to have your 6th-12th graders look into cybersecurity positions using the Career Search Tool on!

Stay Techie,

Nick Showalter

Assistant Director Information Technology

Information Technology Services

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