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Creative Ways to Get to Know Your Students

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Hi this is Antonio Garcia, one of your Summer School ED Tech TOSA’s. I am excited to be here to bring you a Summer ED Tech blog post. Today I wanted to look at the start of the school year, or the start of summer school. If you are looking for creative ways to get to know your students, look no further than Canva! All of our students have access to Canva educational accounts. You can create your own classroom on Canva and share templates with your students. Students can be as creative as they please and make a poster for you to learn a little more about them. These are great icebreakers and ways to build community in your classroom.

In order to get started with Canva, follow these steps:

  • Go to Canva for Education:

  • Set up your free account using your Ceres Google account.

  • Set up your classroom and assign roles (teacher or student).

  • Choose a template and share it with your students.

  • Have students turn in their creation to you, via Canva or Google Classroom.

If you need any additional support with educational tools please feel free to contact your SS EdTech TOSA.


Sample templates:

Stay Techie,

Antonio Garcia


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