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Creative and Collaborative Google Projects

Have you been wanting to find a fun and creative project that will allow your students to collaborate while using technology? If so, I have an idea for you!

When we started using Benchmark, I wanted to find a way for students to still be able to work together to make digital group projects. That is when I decided to start using Google Drawings to allow students to create projects to demonstrate their understanding of 4th grade standards that are taught in Benchmark units.

In Unit 7, 4th grade has leveled readers that include Tall Tale stories. So I decided to have my students work together to create a digital poster about one of the Tall Tale Characters they were reading about. The students have to work together to agree on a character and how they want to describe the character. They used text evidence from the leveled reader to describe the character. Then, to add an extra layer of technology skills, students also had to find and hyperlink in other types of digital media (videos, pictures, maps, dictionary definitions) to further support their description of the character.

After creating the poster, the students view other group posters and give “Glow and Grow” comments. I really like these projects because it gives me a way to see if students are mastering grade level standards. But even better, my students get very excited about these projects and are practically begging me to give them more group time to work on them and even have been asking if they could present their posters to the whole class. So, why not give your students a chance to be creative and work collaboratively?

PS: This idea can also be used for other subject areas like science or social studies and also can be done in Google Slides!

Stay Techie,

Rebecca Davenport

4th Grade Teacher

Whitmore Charter School of Arts & Technology

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