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Cooking Up Learning with the Iron Chef EduProtocol

Looking for some new ideas you can use with your students to get them excited and engaged in collaborative learning? Let me introduce you to another EduProtocol, the Iron Chef Protocol! This EduProtocol puts your students in the hot seat to utilize the "ingredients" of learning you ask them to include using limited resources and limited time.

Your role as the teacher is to provide them with a slide deck template, which can be assigned to a specific group of four students in Google Classroom, and include links to content resources. Those students will then collaborate to research and complete the provided slides, which they will then present and serve up to you and their classmates.

The benefit of this shared-template slide presentation is that students will practice collaboration and presentation skills. This activity is best when used weekly and students will get better and better at this EduProtocol the more they use it!

Start by keeping the task simple enough that students can complete it within ten minutes. The time limit is important because it keeps students challenged and engaged, and adds a game element to the activity. Each slide should have a secret ingredient which will help keep early finishers busy and contribute to teamwork.

A secret ingredient could include: a top 5 list, a Trivia question, 3 interesting facts, or even an animated gif or meme.

The Iron Chef Protocol is great for academic vocabulary, key math or science terms, literary devices, Presidents, and so much more! Don't use it for large complicated ideas, but for smaller, well-defined pieces related to a larger concept.

Once the ten-minute timer has gone off, it's time for quick presentations. Each group should make their presentation in no more than one or two minutes.

This activity frees you up to circulate and provide feedback to students as they work, but remember to keep it fun! It's more important for students to be super fast than it is for them to make a beautiful presentation.


If you need any additional support with educational tools please feel free to contact your SS EdTech TOSA.

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