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Coming To A Chromebook Near You!

At the end of April you will notice a few new tools added to your students' devices; Sora and the Google Play Store.

Sora is an online reading application where students can borrow eBooks and audiobooks.

Sora includes:

• A built-in eBook reader

• An audiobook player

• Easy access to assigned titles

• A running tally of time spent reading and numbers of books read

With Sora you can:

• Borrow a book and start reading with a single tap

• Create and export notes and highlights

• Define words - and review a list of all the words that you've looked up

• Earn achievements for reading, and for completing certain tasks in Sora

• Enjoy reading eBooks and audiobooks!

The Google Play Store allows students to access Sora and possibility other applications depending on district approval. Students are not able to search for applications within the Google Play Store. They are only able to view ones that have been installed on their devices. If you know of an Android App available in the Google Play Store that your students would benefit from, submit an App Approval Request!

Stay Techie,

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