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Collaborative and Fun Vocabulary Instruction with Pear Deck’s Flashcard Factory!

Do you want your students to be more collaborative? Does your current vocabulary instruction feel flat? Well, Pear Deck has a collaborative vocabulary tool on their platform, called Flashcard Factory. In this tool, students work together to create “flashcards” of vocabulary words using the definitions and their created pictures. As a teacher and a class, you review the terms and choose the final set for review. “By creating their own cards, students have a greater opportunity to internalize new information and get actively engaged in the entire learning process.”

Here is how you can get to Flashcard Factory:

  • Go to Pear Deck and log in as a teacher. Or simply open your Pear Deck Home.

    • Please note that both teachers and students must log in with a Google account to play the Flashcard Factory game.

  • Click Flashcard Factory.

Stay Techie,

Danielle Jensen

Instructional Coach

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